The Borough of Deal New Jersey Police Department

Protecting and serving the community since our inception on June 21, 1898. We are a municipal police agency employing 18 sworn officers, 2 Special II Officers, and 4 civilian officers. We also provide our services to the Borough of Interlaken, and the Village of Loch Arbour.


Ronen Neuman

Chief Ronen Neuman

The mission of the Deal Police Department is to protect and serve the community's quest for a peaceful and safe existence, to build partnerships with our community, to prevent crime and to enhance the quality of life throughout our community.

Core values are the foundation of every Law Enforcement organization. They are the principles that all members accept and adhere to and which guide their conduct and actions throughout their careers. The core values of the Deal Police Department are:

  • Professionalism – In our actions
  • Respect – For all citizens and each other
  • Integrity – Truthful, honest & deserving of trust
  • Commitment (Dedication) – To the community, organization and our duty
  • Excellence – In everything we do

Professional Police Services

The Deal Police Department is a professional organization committed to providing the highest quality of service to the public. Officers are carefully selected and receive the best possible training to help them perform their duties in a fair, honest, impartial, and professional manner.